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Great Western Trail Marker

"Western Cattle Trail"  More than 6 million cattle went up this trail from Texas to Kansas between 1874 and 1888.
The trail crossed this area approximately 10 miles east of this location.

The marker is located on the east side of the Farm and Ranch Museum, part of the Old Town Museum complex, 3rd and Pioneer, Elk City, Oklahoma

This marker was installed on Sunday, June 3, 2007.

The Great Western Cattle Trail

The Great Western Cattle Trail was used during the late 19th century for the movement of cattle and horses to markets in eastern and northern states. It is also known as the Western Trail, Fort Griffin Trail, Dodge City Trail, Northern Trail, and Texas Trail. It replaced the Chisholm trail when that closed. While it wasn't as well known, it was greater in length, reaching railheads up in Kansas and Nebraska and carrying longhorns and horses to stock open-range ranches in the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, and two provinces in Canada. It took almost one hundred days to reach their destination.

The Great Western Trail ran south of and roughly parallel to the Chisholm Trail into Kansas. The cattle were taken to towns located on major railroads and delivered north to establish ranches. Although rail lines were built in Texas, the cattle drives north continued because Texas rail prices made it more profitable to trail them north.

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2717 W 3rd St, Elk City, OK