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About the Western Oklahoma Historical Society

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Western Oklahoma Historical Society
P.O. Box 542, Elk City, OK 73648
Western Oklahoma Historical Society Group


As a nonprofit organization, the Western Oklahoma Historical Society concentrates its efforts on preserving artifacts related to western Oklahoma and promoting interest in the study and research of the area. The organization concentrates on all of western Oklahoma but specifically on Beckham and Roger Mills Counties. The National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum complex is the largest history museum in western Oklahoma, and as such, much of the Society’s work focuses on that. Over the years, the Western Oklahoma Historical Society has helped to fund several additions to the museum including the Farm and Ranch Museum, the Blacksmith Shop, the General Store, and the Education Building.

In addition, WOHS hosts an annual flea market in Ackley Park the first weekend of October and an ongoing art show in the Education Building featuring western Oklahoma artists. Each year, the Society also honors individuals from western Oklahoma who have made significant contributions to the area by inducting them into the Western Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Our Mission

The Western Oklahoma Historical Society (WOHS) strives to perpetuate the history, study, and appreciation of western Oklahoma. The purpose of the WOHS is to collect and preserve artifacts, objects, publications, photographs or other materials related to western Oklahoma and to disseminate historical information to the community through exhibits, educational programs, and events.

Our History

The history of the Western Oklahoma Historical Society is intertwined with the creation of the Old Town Museum. In 1965, the city of Elk City, using a $25,000 bond and $10,000 in donations, purchased a 6,000 square foot building belonging to Martin Funeral Home along with the land it resided on at the corner of Third Street and Pioneer Road. A new foundation was poured, and using items donated by area residents, the house was furnished to resemble life in 1907. Named the Old Town Museum, the house was opened to the public.

Shortly after the establishment of the Old Town Museum, several forward-thinking community leaders created the Western Oklahoma Historical Society to provide ongoing support with Arthur McComas as president; Pat Baker, vice president; and Dean Peninger, treasurer. Board members were Paul Peeler, Jr; Glen Kelly; Bess Thornton; L. V. Baker, Jr.; Gene Grubitz, Jr.; Addeline Royse; Larry Wade; Mrs. Walter Blackburn; Velma Dobler; Mrs. J. P. Thurmond; Vera Gibbs; and Raymond McVeigh. The WOHS disbanded once the museum was running smoothly but re-emerged as a museum support group in 1972 with Gene Grubitz as president.

The Society’s involvement with the museum continued as it expanded with the National Route 66 Transportation Museum in 1998. Through the years the Society has had a hand in bringing the Farm and Ranch Museum, the Blacksmith Shop, the Education Building, and most recently the General Store to the museum complex.

The Western Oklahoma Historical Society expanded its activities to include the annual flea market and the Western Oklahoma Hall of Fame. The Society has also published three books about the history of western Oklahoma: Prairie Fire: a Pioneer History of Western Oklahoma, Prairie Wedding, and Elk City Rising from the Prairie. The books are compilations of the history of the area along with the stories of local families.

The Western Oklahoma Historical Society continues its relevancy with the establishment of website and the digital preservation of historic documents and photographs.

Our Officers

WOHS Board meets the fourth Monday of the month at 11:00 a.m. at Western Technology Center, 301 Western Dr., Elk City, Oklahoma

NameOffice Term
Judy HaughtPresident-
Mike Blevins1st Vice President-
Doug Haught2nd Vice President-
Beverly JordanTreasurer-
Misti DeGarmoSecretary-
Randy HaggardMuseum Commission Chair-
Carol Spieker2024
Keith Fields2024
Cindy Wood2024
Ronda Mikles2024
Carla Garrison2024
Donnie Jordan2025
June Lovelace2025
Carol Kumpf2025
Sheryl Ponce2025
Claudene Anspaugh2025
Kenneth Hart2026
Ron Nagle2026
Jim Coffey2026
Debra Gholston2026
Glenna Kirk2026
Bill Jackson2027
Rob Muncrief2027
Victor Weatherly2027
Linda Long2027
Cory Spieker2027


Farm & Ranch MuseumJim Coffey
Blacksmith ShopCory Spieker
General StoreVictor Weatherly
Hall of FameCory Spieker
Flea MarketKenneth Hart
Art ShowDonnie Jordan
ArchivesJudy Haught
NominationsLinda Long

Past Presidents

Arthur McComas 1967
Gene Grubitz 1973
Raymond McVeigh 1974
Clinton Barham 1975-1976
C. Dale McClain 1977-1978
Bill Ansley 1979
Emmajean Barton 1980-1981
Dean Burch 1982-1983
Larry Wade1987
Warren Meador 1985-1986
Jo Grubitz 1987
Nelda Burch1988-1989
Suzanne Hylton 1990-1993
Rev. Roy Rowlan 1992-1993
Bill Grissom 1994-1995
Charlie Joy 1996-1997
Royce Thompson 1998-1999
Roy Burson2000
Carolyn Joy 2000-2003
Dean Kent 2004-2005
Jim Taylor 2006-2007
Carla Garrison 2008-2009
Bob Kennemer2010-2011
Deannie Rule 2012-2013
Ed Womack 2014-2015
Jim Coffey2016-2017
Cory Spieker2018-2019
Neida Burch2020
Doug Haught2021-2022
Judy Haught 2023-



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