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Western Oklahoma Museum Docents Seek Volunteers

The Western Oklahoma Museum Docents are a group of volunteers dedicated to encouraging people to learn about our museum and our history. Our main contact with other people is in the Drug Store at the National Route 66 Museum, but we have been involved in many other opportunities.

Through the years we have helped as museum tour guides, as employee substitutes, and as Christmas decorating aides. We have brought college professors, authors, and others to the museum to talk of history including Rt. 66, Great Western Trails, and the Washita Battle Site. We have provided summer evening entertainment opportunities with local poets, authors, artists, vocalists, and musicians. We have offered a class on preserving antique artifacts and a quilt truck in the summer with lessons and fabrics.

In June 1968 the National Route 66 Museum was dedicated. That addition to Elk City and Western Oklahoma brings many travelers through all of the museum buildings. The number will increase significantly with the 100th birthday of Rt. 66 coming up in 2026. So we would like to encourage many more people in our area to join the docent organization and assist others in gaining knowledge of our history.

It is great fun serving as a docent. We visit with so many people from all across the United States and around the world. Hopefully we can increase our numbers and diversify our age average, as many of us have been docents for many years.