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The History of Oklahoma in Fifteen Notable Books

by Judy Haught

Are you an Oklahoma history buff? Are you looking for a good book? The following list may be just what you are searching for. Doug and I put our heads together and came up with a list of fifteen books about Oklahoma history that we think are worth your time. Most of the titles are available at the Elk City Carnegie Library. Also, I apologize for my shameless self-promotion, but I included my own two books on the list. After all, you might find a story or two about your western Oklahoma friends and neighbors. Take a look at the following list, and you may have suggestions of your own to add.

  1. Baker, Lindsay. The WPA Oklahoma Slave Narratives. University of Oklahoma Press, 1996.
  2. Baker, Terri M. and Connie Oliver Henshaw. Women Who Pioneered Oklahoma: Stories from the WPA Narratives. University of Oklahoma Press, 2007.
  3. Brewer, Landry. Cold War Oklahoma. The History Press, 2019.
  4. Dary, David. Stories of Old-Time Oklahoma. University of Oklahoma Press, 2011.
  5. Debo, Angie. Prairie City. University of Oklahoma Press, 1998.
  6. Debo, Angie. The WPA Guide to 1930s Oklahoma. University Press of Kansas, 1986.
  7. Egan, Timothy. The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl. Houghton Miflin, 2005.
  8. Gann, David. Killers of the Flower Moon. Doubleday, 2017.
  9. Haught, Judy. Extraordinary ValorStories of Oklahoma Veterans. Ingram Spark, 2020.
  10. Haught, Judy. Heroes in Our Midst., 2016.
  11. Henderson, Caroline. Letters from the Dust Bowl. University of Oklahoma Press, 2001.
  12. Hesse, Karen. Out of the Dust. Scholastic, 1994. (Young Adult Novel)
  13. Madigan, Tim. The Burning: Massacre, Destruction, and the Tulsa Race Riot. Griffin, 1991.
  14. Reese, Linda Williams. Trail Sisters: Freedwomen in Indian Territory, 1850-1890. Texas Tech University Press, 2013.
  15. Wickett, Murray R. Contested Territory: Whites, Native Americans, and African Americans in Oklahoma, 1865-1907. LSU Press, 2000.